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Tengiva’s web platform helps improve textile industry efficiency

Tengiva has developed a web platform that enables buyers to acquire left-over, in-stock textiles worldwide. This allows buyers to acquire textiles in smaller quantities that help support specific stages or needs within the creative process: sampling, sizing sets, small productions or even custom orders.

Tengiva connects buyers and sellers, helping manufacturers improve their bottom line and efficiently distribute textile, while giving buyers increased access to great products, without having to overspend. It’s textile industry matchmaking and circular economics for better resource distribution and use. Additionally, the company educates buyers on textile types, advantages, features, limitations and much more.

Selected, pre-screened manufacturers feature their inventory on a micro-store that’s designed to showcase their excess stock. Each supplier has his own store, under the Tengiva umbrella. Direct contact information is published, so future production orders can be processed directly with a supplier. The platform was designed specifically with industry insider knowledge, so it’s easy to use and features relevant and necessary information that helps buyers make sound decisions. It will have simple dropdown menus and a user-friendly glossary. Buyers can browse by textile type, and also consult educational content that will further their knowledge of the available products and make buying smarter. The company is currently adding textile suppliers to the platform. Fabric will be available for purchasing before the new year.